Active Warrior

Launched in October 2016 Active Warrior is the first in a new series of obstacle course races powered by Active Nation, a charity on a mission to persuade the nation to be active.

The inspiration behind this race comes from Active Nations deep rooted belief that together we can fight inactivity, and by embracing our inner warrior spirit we can challenge people in a thrilling and daring manner.

Working with our friends from Urban Attack, experts in building obstacle courses, we have designed and created a truly a challenging gauntlet of activities and will be taking them to some of the most locations around.

Our course aren’t designed to be longest, or the toughest, but they are designed to be the most rewarding.

Yes it’s a race, but more than that it’s designed for people challenge themselves and work towards their own goal. We have put together a race which will test your courage, determination, teamwork and camaraderie to the limit.

If you think you have a warrior spirit, then come and face the challenge … we dare you!!

Active Nation

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re Active Nation, a registered charity who are wholeheartedly committed to a bold and exciting mission to persuade the nation to be active.

Our expertise lies in sport and exercise, for which we have an incredible passion. At our heart is the belief that this is a passion everyone can share with us. We exist to spread the word about the benefits moving more, getting communities excited and igniting their enthusiasm for getting active.

Our mission is driven by a poignant and powerful message…50% of women and 30% of men in the UK are damaging their health through a lack of physical activity. Physical inactivity is now associated to 1 in 6 deaths in the UK. This means that more and more of us are putting ourselves at risk of contracting chronic illnesses, such as cancer, osteoporosis, type II diabetes and heart disease, all conditions associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

The good news is that by being more active, and sticking to the Department of Health’s recommendation of 150 minutes of activity per week, you can go a long way to preventing these obesity and inactivity associated illnesses.

We aim to make a truly positive difference to the health of the nation.

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