With another fearsome event coming up, it’s time to start preparing for battle… Here are three top tips to get you headed in the right direction and over the finish line.

Get training
You’ll need strength, speed and stamina to get through the course, and the sooner you start training the better you’ll do.

Weights are great but don’t limit yourself to the gym – explore the outdoors and test yourself up, over and around natural obstacles, such as hills, trees, rivers and rocks.

Bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, planks, burpees, jumping jacks and mountain climbers are a good way to get you used to controlling your body, and you’ll develop the strength you need to haul yourself around the course.

Eat right
Ensure you fuel your body right to maximise the benefit of your training and minimise fatigue.

Eat lots of fruit, veg, fish, lean meat, enough starchy carbs (such as potatoes, pasta and rice) to keep your energy levels up, less saturated fat (hard cheese, pastry, butter, cream) and less sugar.

Up your carb intake the few days before the event; on the day have a light breakfast and stock up with plenty of energy snacks. This should keep you going without feeling too full.

Engage brain…
Preparing for Active Warrior is as much mental as physical. Commit to training and eating well by getting into an exercise and meal preparation routine.

Push your limits in training – resilience is the key to success, and you’ll boost your confidence by going a bit further in the gym or on the running track.

Finally, don’t be afraid of pain or fatigue; prepare to focus on the finish line, break down any mental barriers and use your determination to push through the course.

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