We hope you are pumped up and excited for the first ever Active Warrior Rainbow Rampage. With four days to go here is some final information you will require for the event.


  • We highly encourage carpooling, using public transportation or biking to the event. There will be over a thousand participants, volunteers, and spectators on site event morning and parking is limited. If you are traveling by car, please head to the Outdoor Sports Centre, Thornhill Road, Southampton, SO16 7AY.
  • Please plan for heavy traffic and allow ample time to check in and participate in pre-3k activities. If you do make use of the car park or nearby streets we politely ask you not to block our neighbors driveways or in restricted spaces.


  • Please remember to bring a printed or digital copy of your confirmation email with you.
  • Make sure you plan your day with plenty of time. The start line is its own pre-event party with music, dancing, warm-up, stretching and giveaways! After you cross the finish line, the party continues! We’ll have medals, vendors, refreshments and partners and items for purchase. (Bring cash or cards).
  • If you have pre-purchased merchandise you will be issued a voucher at registration to collect this and will be able to pick this up from the merchandise tent.
  • The event village is located within the athletics track and will open at 8.30 am. Remember you need to have cleared registration 30 minutes prior to your wave. At registration, you will be issued with your race wrist band and tshirt. Participants who are entered with children are encouraged to pick up wrist bands and tshirts for their child.
  • A bag drop is available for £2 at the event village and showers are available so don’t forget to bring a change of clothes.
  • We will have official photographers and videographers and so remember to smile, tell us how you are feeling and even stop to say hello.


  • The event will go ahead regardless of rain. However Iin case of extreme weather, stay updated on event day conditions by following our Facebook page.
  • Runners please keep to the left; walkers and participants with strollers, etc. keep to the right.
  • If participating with small children, please watch and direct them through the event. Remember 4-7 year olds need to be accompanied around the course by a parent or guardian.
  • While the paint powder used is not considered harmful, if you are concerned about the paint at all, feel free to wear safety glasses, a bandana, or dust mask.
  • Please follow any directions provided by event officials and volunteers.
  • Above all, please be courteous and respectful to everyone around you.
  • To find lost items or to be reunited with friends, our Lost & Found area will be located at/near the Check-in tent.


  • Official photos will be shared via Facebook and our website so make sure you have liked our Facebook page @activewarrioruk. It takes time to process the photos so they will likely be uploaded on Monday 22nd October 2018.


  • Make sure you take the time to check out the Powerhouse, our outdoor fitness training facility. Obstacle Course racing is a great way to stay in shape and using the powerhouse gives you the option of training like a warrior every day. We will have some great sign up offers so make sure you catch one of our campaign staff.

Remember to spread the word that you are doing the Active Warrior Rainbow Rampage.

We hope you are ready to face the challenge and look forward to seeing you Saturday!

Team Warrior

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