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Young Recruits 2018 – Southampton

28 April 18

Southampton Sports Centre, Thornhill Road, Bassett, Southampton, SO167AY


Active Warriors must start somewhere. So, we are pleased to present our young recruit’s section of the Warrior race. After all, why should adults have all the fun.

Active Warrior Young Recruits

Our young recruits can test their skills on our mini course, which is around 3km long and contains 20 obstacles. Young recruits will get to climb walls, scramble under cargo nets, leap hurdles, crawl through tunnels, swing on monkey bars and get a bit muddy and wet on their own slide.

4-7 year old’s must be accompanied around the course by a grown up. We ask parents to move alongside & step in and help young recruits over obstacles if they need it, but to stay clear if they don’t so the course is clear for other participants. 8-11 year olds will get to run the course on .


The course is about the challenge so there’s no pressure to speed around or to complete the obstacles – we want young recruits to grow in confidence from their experience, work together to face the challenge.

All young recruits will get their faces striped up, earn their very own medal and a certificate of completion.

Family Wave

This wave is for those parents who want to run the course with their child. This wave must be run as a team of two and children can be aged 8 – 15 years old. Last wave of the day the family wave will start at 12:30.


Our race takes place in the Southampton Sports Centre, Thornhill Road, Bassett, Southampton, SO167AY.


Limited parking is available at the centre and we respectfully request you don’t park over our neighbour’s driveways. Racers can pre-booked parking to secure there place. Subject to availability, parking will be available on the day at a charge of £10 per vehicle and this can be accessed off Dunkirk Road (SO16 6LX). A drop off and pick up point is available in the main centre carpark at SO16 7AY.


Book now to save £5.00 per racer. Prices increase again in days

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